The Câmara de Mediação e Arbitragem da Cannabis e Saúde Latino-Americana, (CAMACAN LATAM), was founded in 2020 by Lawyer M.e. Ana Carvana, specialist in Health Law and Master in Health Policy and Economics from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). CAMACAN LATAM is the first institution specialized in administering the appropriate methods of resolving Cannabis and Health conflicts, both in Brazil and in Latin America.

CAMACAN LATAM acts ethically and impartially in the resolution of disputes involving cannabis and health, through alternative judicial procedures such as: mediation, arbitration and dispute boards. In this way, faster procedures are provided, while maintaining the relationship between the parties.



In health care field:

Medical coverings • Grace period •  Hiring (individual, membership and corporate) • Temporary Partial Coverage • Surgeries • Materials • Exams • Equipment • Fees and other medical costs • Homecare • Medical hospitality • Therapies  • Medicines • Hospital Disallowance • Improvement of treatments • Dehospitalization • Health Insurance Disallowance • Dental Insurance Disallowance • Contracts and any type of negotiations involving physicians,health professionals in general, health providers, hospitals, clinics,health insurance, dental insurance,veterinary insurance, benefit administrators, health care brokers,health support services companies diagnosis and therapy, healthtechs • Regulatory Entities and Councils.

In medical cannabis area:

Medical treatments • Refunds for treatments and medical appointments • Textile and industrial area • Food supplement • Import of inputs and finished products • Relationship between suppliers and consumers • Contracts and any type of negotiations involving: investors, suppliers, industries, importers, manufacturers, representatives,distributors, drugstores and pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, physicians, health professionals in general, associations, universities and research institutes • Regulatory Entities and Councils.

Brazil: +55 (21) 99615-7717

Others: +972 54-262-6753 only whatsapp


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